We are a local certified Medicare agency; we can help make the transition to Medicare simple for you. By working with multiple carriers, we have many solutions to your Medicare needs. Including Advantage & Supplement Plan.

Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance companies instead of the federal government. They include the same Part A hospital and Part B medical Coverage that original Medicare provides. Most med advantage plans also include part D prescription drug coverage. 

Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement also known as Medigap plans are still enrolled through the original Medicare, Part A and Part B. Medigap plans cover certain cost-sharing expenses required by Medicare such as copayments or deductibles. In addition, Medigap plans may help with other costs that Original Medical doesn’t cover such as Part B excess charges. 

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is the prescription drug benefit, it is the part of Medicare that covers most outpatient prescription drugs. Part D is offered through private companies. Each Part D plan has a list of covered drugs, called formulary. If your drug is not on the formulary, you may have to request an exception, pay out of pocket, or file an appeal.

*We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on your options.

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